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When Should a Beneficiary Hire a Lawyer?

Posted on in Estate Planning and Probate

San Antonio beneficiary representation lawyerBecoming an estate beneficiary can bring a strange mix of emotions. On one hand, if you are inheriting something, it means that a loved one who cared about you has died, so you are grieving. On the other hand, you may be gaining a substantial amount of money, treasured family belongings, or even real estate. Depending on the type of testamentary plan your loved one used and how the administration of the estate is being handled, you might also be confused or upset. In many cases, the named estate administrator does a fine job and you will not need an attorney of your own. In other cases, something goes awry or the process is too complex for it to be handled without an attorney’s help. 

Do I Need My Own Attorney to Help Me Claim My Inheritance?

When everything goes smoothly, you might not need a lawyer during the estate administration process. However, if you encounter any of these situations while attempting to claim your inheritance, it may be in your best interest to work with an attorney: 

  • Strange surprises - Your Mom left half her estate to a church you have never heard of? That does not sound right. She was never particularly religious. Something is not right here. Could someone have pressured or coerced her into signing her will or trust? Was she tricked somehow? She was a bit confused towards the end. You might want to call an attorney to help sort out the situation. An estate contest may be in order.
  • No estate plan - Your brother did not trust lawyers so he never created an estate plan. Texas intestacy law will govern who gets what share of the estate, but who gets to keep his car? The family heirlooms that were in his possession? You might need an attorney to guide the intestate probate process, especially if other heirs are involved and an agreement will not be easily reached. 
  • Questionable administrator - Your uncle is doing a less-than-stellar job as the executor of your grandma’s estate. He is getting up there in age himself and may be showing some early signs of Alzheimer’s, which runs in your family. Or, he is not the most trustworthy individual. You are afraid that he might be keeping more than his fair share of grandma’s estate property. A lawyer can step in and ask the court to appoint a new personal representative. 

Otherwise, if there is anything going on that seems questionable, or it has been quite some time and you have yet to see your inheritance, you may want to get in touch with an attorney. 

Call a Bexar County Beneficiary Attorney

If you are having some trouble with claiming your inheritance, Geoff Mayfield, Attorney at Law can represent you. Our skilled San Antonio beneficiary lawyers will take any necessary legal steps to help you claim your rightful inheritance. Call 210-535-0870 for a free consultation. 



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