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For both individuals and families, proper preparation for the future is crucial. In addition to making decisions about how a person's final affairs will be handled after their death, a family can also take steps to make sure different family members' needs will be provided for during their lives. To make sure these issues are handled correctly, a family can consult with an estate planning lawyer who can help them gain a complete understanding of the best ways to meet the needs of all family members. In addition to making plans for the future, family members or other interested parties may need to ensure that a person's affairs are handled correctly after their death, and they can do so by securing representation from an attorney who is experienced in matters related to probate and estate administration.

Geoff Mayfield, Attorney at Law offers experienced legal guidance for individuals, families, and estate administrators, helping them address legal issues related to estate planning and probate litigation. With more than 15 years of legal experience, he understands the best ways to use different estate planning tools to meet a family's needs, as well as the ideal methods for resolving any disputes that may arise following a person's death. He offers knowledgeable legal help and strong representation to make sure a family's concerns will be addressed when planning for the future and ensuring that a person's wishes are followed correctly.

Estate Planning Tools

A comprehensive estate plan can make decisions about how a person will handle ownership of their assets during their lifetime, use these assets to provide for themselves and other family members, and distribute property to their heirs. A person can also make sure they have addressed their needs and wishes regarding the management of their assets and the medical care they will receive during their lifetime. When creating an estate plan, families may use tools such as:

  • Wills and trusts - A will can specify how matters will be handled after a person's death, including how their assets will be passed to their heirs and how guardianship of their minor children will be handled. Trusts may also be used to safeguard certain assets and distribute them to different beneficiaries, including using assets to provide for a person's needs throughout their lifetime and ensuring that assets are used for specific purposes to benefit their heirs. Geoff can help create wills and different types of trusts, including special needs trusts and revocable living trusts.
  • Powers of attorney - A person can ensure that their needs will be met and their wishes will be followed during their lifetime by creating agreements in which someone they trust will be given the authorization to make decisions on their behalf. Geoff can help create medical powers of attorney that address decisions about healthcare and personal needs, as well as financial powers of attorney that will allow someone to manage a person's property and assets.
  • Living wills and other advance medical directives - To ensure that a person's wishes will be followed regarding end-of-life care, these documents can detail their instructions regarding medical treatment that they want to be administered or withheld in certain situations. Geoff can work with a family to make sure they will be able to avoid uncertainty about how medical decisions should be made when a person is terminally ill.

Representation During Probate and Estate Litigation

After a person's death, Geoff can offer representation during the estate administration process. He can provide assistance with:

  • The Texas probate process - The executor of a person's estate will need to file the person's will in probate court, address any outstanding debts or liabilities, and oversee the process of distributing property to the person's heirs. Geoff can make sure an estate administrator meets all of their legal requirements and follows all of the proper procedures in probate court.
  • Contested estates - A person's heirs or those who expect to inherit property may pursue probate litigation if they believe a will is invalid or that an executor has not followed their loved one's instructions. Geoff provides representation for beneficiaries in these matters, helping them determine how they can make sure their loved one's wishes will be carried out correctly. He also provides representation for executors or other fiduciaries, helping them respond to claims that a will is invalid or that they have failed to follow their legal requirements.

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If you and your family need to make plans for the future, or if you want to make sure your loved one's wishes will be followed, Attorney Geoff Mayfield can provide you with the legal help you need. To set up a free consultation and learn about the estate planning and administration services that Geoff provides, contact our office at 210-535-0870. Geoff serves clients in Seguin and throughout Guadalupe County.

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