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There are many situations where companies will lease space to operate a business or conduct business activities. Commercial leases can be very complex, and they will contain terms that affect both landlords and tenants. When disputes arise between commercial landlords and tenants, the parties will need to understand how the terms of a lease will play a role in these issues, and in some cases, litigation may be required. When addressing these types of concerns, a landlord or tenant will need to make sure they are represented by an attorney who has experience in real estate law and understands the most effective ways to resolve disputes.

Geoff Mayfield, Attorney at Law provides legal help and representation for commercial tenants and landlords. With his knowledge of the laws that affect commercial leases, he ensures that his clients understand their rights and options. His experience in business litigation has given him an understanding of the most effective ways to resolve legal disputes. Geoff has over 15 years of legal experience, and he focuses on helping clients find practical solutions and resolve legal matters in ways that make the most sense for everyone involved.

Common Commercial Lease Disputes

There are multiple types of disputes that may arise between owners of commercial real estate and tenants who lease property where they plan to conduct business operations. Either party may believe that the other has violated the terms of a lease or otherwise taken actions that have caused them to suffer financial losses. These disputes may involve issues such as:

  • The terms of a lease - While a commercial lease will detail the rights and obligations of both parties, disagreements may arise regarding whether a landlord or tenant has violated a lease's terms. These disputes may address issues such as whether a tenant can make improvements or modifications to the property or whether the tenant can sublease space to other tenants.
  • Payments for utilities or other expenses - A commercial lease should state whether the landlord or the tenant is responsible for paying certain expenses, including utilities, property taxes, and insurance. However, disputes may arise regarding unexpected expenses or the failure of a party to make payments as required.
  • Repairs and maintenance - Depending on the terms of a lease, a landlord will generally be responsible for maintenance of a building's exterior, as well as any structural issues that affect tenants. A tenant will usually be responsible for repairs and maintenance of a building's interior. However, parties may disagree about who is responsible for addressing certain maintenance issues. A tenant may seek repayment for damages caused by a landlord's failure to perform required repairs, or a landlord may need to address property damage that was caused by a tenant.
  • Safety issues - Tenants may need to address concerns that a landlord has not taken the proper measures to ensure that a property is safe to use, such as providing security systems, addressing environmental hazards, or ensuring that a building is structurally sound. A landlord may need to address activities by one tenant that have endangered the safety of other tenants.
  • Nonpayment of rent - If a tenant has failed to pay rent, a landlord may attempt to recover the amount owed or evict the tenant. However, there are some cases where tenants may be able to withhold rent because a landlord has not performed required repairs or violated other terms of a lease.

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If you are a landlord or a tenant who needs to resolve disputes related to a commercial lease, Attorney Geoff Mayfield can assist with your case. He will help you determine the methods of dispute resolution that may be available, and if necessary, he can provide you with legal representation during litigation. Contact us and schedule a free consultation by calling 210-535-0870. Geoff provides legal help to commercial landlords and tenants in Boerne, Seguin, Comal County, Atascosa County, Del Rio, Medina County, Laredo, Bexar County, Blanco County, San Marcos, San Antonio, Frio County, Guadalupe County, Wilson County, Hondo, New Braunfels, Kendall County, and Kerrville.

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