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Following a person's death, a number of legal issues will need to be settled, and many of these issues address the management of the deceased person's estate. If a person was named as the executor of an estate in a person's will, or if they wish to be appointed as the administrator of the estate of a person who died without a valid will, they will need to meet a number of legal requirements. Trusts will also need to be administered correctly following the death of the grantor. Executors, estate representatives, and trustees can make sure they are meeting all of their requirements and addressing matters properly by working with an attorney who is experienced in probate and estate litigation.

Geoff Mayfield, Attorney at Law is highly skilled in matters related to decedents' estates, and he works with clients to ensure they understand how the laws apply in their situation and the requirements they will need to meet. Geoff has over 15 years of experience in cases involving probate, wills, trusts, contested estates, and other issues that may arise following a person's death. He provides legal representation to help ensure that an estate can be closed out correctly, while also helping resolve any disputes that may arise involving beneficiaries, creditors, or other interested parties.

Estate Administration in Texas

Before a person can serve as the administrator of an estate, they will need to be appointed by a probate court. A person named as an executor in a decedent's last will and testament can usually be confirmed as the estate administrator, but if the decedent died without a will, a person will need to show that they have the capability to serve as the administrator of the estate.

An estate administrator will take possession of the decedent's assets, notify any creditors who may have a claim against the estate, and pay any taxes that are owed. After taking a full inventory of the estate's assets and paying any outstanding debts, the administrator will distribute the assets to the decedent's beneficiaries. This may be done by following the terms of the decedent's will, or if the decedent did not have a will, assets will be distributed according to the laws of intestate succession.

In many cases, Texas allows for independent administration of an estate. This will allow an administrator to distribute the decedent's assets without the need for close oversight by the probate court. A person's will may specify that independent administration will be used, or all beneficiaries may agree to allow independent administration. In other cases, dependent administration may be used, which will require an administrator to receive approval from the court before taking certain types of actions.

Trust Administration

Following the death of the grantor of a trust, a trustee or successor trustee will need to follow certain procedures to ensure that the assets in the trust are distributed correctly. The trustee will need to identify all assets owned by the trust and any debts that may apply to these assets, identify all beneficiaries of the trust, manage the assets in the trust, and pay all applicable debts, taxes, and liabilities. The trustee will then distribute the assets in the trust to the beneficiaries according to the instructions provided by the grantor.

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If you have been named as the executor of a loved one's estate or a trustee, or if you wish to be appointed as the estate administrator following the death of a family member, Geoff Mayfield can provide the legal help you need. He will make sure you meet all legal requirements and help you settle any issues that may arise as you tend to your loved one's final affairs. Contact our office at 210-535-0870 to arrange your complimentary consultation. Geoff assists with probate and estate administration in Comal County, New Braunfels, Kerrville, Del Rio, Frio County, Blanco County, Medina County, Guadalupe County, San Marcos, Laredo, Wilson County, San Antonio, Bexar County, Hondo, Seguin, Boerne, Atascosa County, and Kendall County.

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