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Considering what should happen when you die may not be pleasant, but it is still an important issue that you and your family will need to address. By creating a last will and testament, you can make sure your wishes will be followed correctly, and you can help your family members avoid uncertainty as they manage your final affairs. To ensure that your will fully covers all of the important issues that affect you and your family, you will want to work with an estate planning lawyer who can advise you of your options, protect your rights, and make sure all of your concerns will be addressed.

Geoff Mayfield works with individuals and families to create wills and address other concerns about how various issues will be handled following a person's death. He can help you create a comprehensive estate plan that uses a will and other tools effectively. In addition to your will, he can also advise you on whether trusts may be a good option for protecting your assets and providing for the needs of you and your family. He can also help you create powers of attorney or other advance directives that will make sure your wishes regarding medical care or other issues will be followed correctly as you near the end of your life.

Drafting and Executing a Will

A last will and testament will address how certain matters will be handled following your death. The issues addressed in your will may include:

  • Naming an executor - You will need to specify a person who will carry out the terms of your will and manage all issues related to your estate. The executor of your estate will file your will in probate court and oversee all issues related to the assets you own. Your executor should be someone you trust to manage these matters correctly, such as a close family member.
  • Distribution of property - You will need to include instructions for how all of the property you own will be distributed to your heirs. Your will may state that certain items will be given to family members or other loved ones, or it may divide assets among your beneficiaries according to specified percentages.
  • Guardianship of minor children - If you have children who have not yet reached adulthood, you can nominate a person who will serve as their legal guardian following your death. This should be a person that you trust to provide for your children's needs, and it is usually a good idea to ensure that they are willing to serve in this role if needed.
  • Disposition of remains - You can include instructions for funeral arrangements and how you want your remains to be handled. This may include details about burial or cremation, as well as whether you want to donate your organs to people in need.

A will must be in writing, and it will become valid after it is signed in the presence of two witnesses. If you wish to make changes to your will, you can create an update known as a codicil. A will can also be revoked by physically destroying the document, or it may be invalidated by the creation and execution of a new will.

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Geoff Mayfield can help you understand your options when creating a will, and he will make sure you fully address all matters that will affect your family members following your death. He can also help you use other estate planning tools to ensure that you and your family are prepared for whatever may happen in the future. Contact us and schedule a free consultation by calling 210-535-0870. Geoff assists with wills and estate plans in Laredo, Atascosa County, Medina County, Kerrville, Bexar County, Hondo, Del Rio, Blanco County, Boerne, Wilson County, Comal County, San Marcos, Kendall County, Guadalupe County, New Braunfels, San Antonio, Seguin, and Frio County.

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