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There are many different types of legal concerns that may affect business owners and family members, and addressing these matters properly will ensure that a business or family is prepared for the future. With the help of an experienced attorney, families can create plans to address what will happen after a person's death while providing for family members' needs. A skilled lawyer can also help businesses protect their interests and build successful strategies.

Geoff Mayfield, Attorney at Law provides experienced and dedicated legal help in these areas. In addition to helping families create estate plans and working with business owners to address their legal needs, he also assists with matters related to real estate. For a free consultation, contact our office today at 210-535-0870.

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Estate Planning

A comprehensive estate plan will not only address what should happen following a person's death, but it can also provide family members with the financial resources they need throughout their lifetimes. As you make decisions about how these matters should be handled, Geoff can advise you of the best tools to use to make sure your assets will be distributed to your beneficiaries while also ensuring that you will be able to maintain control of your finances and meet your own needs.

In addition to helping you make decisions about what will happen after your death, Geoff can help you create directives that will make sure you receive the proper care as you get closer to the end of your life.


A last will and testament is a foundational part of an estate plan, and it will detail how assets will be distributed to your heirs after your death, while also nominating a guardian for your minor children.

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These agreements can be used to manage property during a person's life and after their death by placing assets in the control of a trustee and providing instructions for distributing them to beneficiaries.

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TestimonialsClient Testimonials

"Truly on Your Side!

Geoff was exceptional. He was straightforward and honest about what could and could not be done. He walked me through each step and I never felt confused on any information presented." - Vanessa

Probate and Estate Litigation

Managing a person's final affairs after their death can be a complex process. The person who is named as the executor of an estate must follow the correct steps during the probate process, which involves filing the person's will in probate court, taking an inventory of the estate's assets, paying taxes and debts, and distributing all of the person's assets to their beneficiaries. Geoff can provide representation during this process to ensure that a person's final wishes will be followed correctly.

In addition to helping manage the legal and financial issues involved in the probate process, Geoff can also assist with matters related to contested estates. He can help interested parties understand their options for pursuing probate litigation and resolving these disputes effectively.

Real Estate

Transactions involving real estate property will involve a variety of complex legal issues. Geoff provides representation in sales of residential real estate, including helping sellers complete "for sale by owner" transactions and providing assistance with owner financing transactions. He also assists with commercial real estate transactions and commercial lease issues and helps residential landlords address issues related to their tenants.

Real Estate Development

Geoff works to ensure that real estate developers understand the legal issues that may affect them, and he helps address matters involving zoning and land use, regulatory compliance, permits, and entitlements.

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Business Law

Business owners may need to address different types of legal issues that may affect the structure of their business, their relationships with other parties, their legal protections against unfair competition, and their ability to execute a successful business strategy. Geoff works closely with businesses to understand their legal needs, and he helps owners and partners take steps to protect their interests and ensure that they will be able to achieve their goals.

Business Law

Business Formation

Geoff can help determine the best way to structure a business and ensure that all requirements are met when establishing a business entity.

Business Law

Limited General Counsel

For small businesses that cannot afford to have an attorney on staff, Geoff can help address ongoing legal issues and build winning business strategies.

Business Law

Business Contracts

Geoff works with businesses to draft, negotiate, and review multiple types of contractual agreements, ensuring that their interests are protected.

Business Law

Business Litigation

A business may encounter multiple types of legal disputes, and Geoff can help owners and partners determine how to resolve these issues effectively.


Attorney Bio

Geoff Mayfield / 
Attorney at Law

For more than 15 years, Attorney Geoff Mayfield has been working with businesses, families, property owners, and real estate developers to meet their legal needs. He believes in helping his clients find practical solutions to their legal issues, and he works to help them resolve any concerns they may have as effectively as possible.

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