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Bexar County Real Estate Attorney for Leases, Landlord/Tenant Disputes, and Evictions

A property owner can realize many benefits by renting a home or apartment to residential tenants. However, landlords may encounter a variety of complex legal issues, or they may need to resolve disputes with tenants. To ensure that their rights and interests are protected, landlords will want to understand how to handle these issues effectively while meeting all of their legal requirements. By working with a real estate lawyer, a landlord can ensure that they are prepared to respond to legal concerns, resolve disputes, and protect their ability to generate income through the property they own.

Geoff Mayfield, Attorney at Law offers legal help and representation in multiple types of matters related to residential and commercial real estate. He has over 15 years of experience assisting clients with issues related to real estate, as well as providing representation in matters involving business law and estate planning. He works to ensure that his clients fully understand the laws that apply to them while advising them on the best steps they can take to protect their financial interests. He provides landlords with dedicated legal guidance to help them address issues related to their tenants, as well as any other concerns that may affect them as property owners.

Legal Help With Matters Affecting Residential Landlords

Geoff works with landlords to address multiple types of legal issues, including:

  • Residential leases - A well-drafted lease is essential for protecting a landlord's rights and financial interests. Geoff can ensure that a lease contains all required information while ensuring that both parties understand the amount of rent that will be paid, when payments are due, how security deposits will be handled, who is responsible for paying for utilities or other expenses, whether pets will be allowed, the length of the lease, and the options for extension or renewal of the lease by either party.
  • Disputes with tenants - Landlords and tenants may encounter issues related to alleged violations of the terms of a lease by either party, and in some cases, litigation may be required to resolve these matters. Landlords may need to defend against claims that they have engaged in discrimination, failed to perform repairs, did not provide equipment such as smoke detectors or security devices, failed to disclose hazards or potential health concerns, or entered the property without providing notice to tenants. Landlords may also need to take action to address violations by tenants, such as damaging the property, engaging in unlawful activities, or causing nuisances to neighbors.
  • Evictions - If a tenant has failed to pay rent or otherwise violated the terms of a lease, a landlord may take action to terminate the lease and remove the tenant from the property. Geoff can help landlords follow the proper procedures in these cases, including providing tenants with notices to vacate, filing a forcible detainer lawsuit, arguing on behalf of a landlord during an eviction hearing, and executing a writ of possession. By taking the correct steps during the eviction process, a landlord can avoid claims that they have acted improperly, such as by unlawfully retaliating against a tenant for filing a complaint or otherwise exercising their legal rights, depriving a tenant of their use of the property, or refusing to provide services as required under the terms of a lease.

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Attorney Geoff Mayfield can help landlords address multiple types of legal issues. He ensures that landlords have the legal protections they need and are prepared to resolve any concerns they may encounter. Contact us at 210-535-0870 to set up a complimentary consultation. Geoff provides legal help to residential landlords in Atascosa County, Bexar County, Frio County, New Braunfels, Kendall County, Guadalupe County, Blanco County, Del Rio, Boerne, Comal County, Laredo, San Antonio, Hondo, Kerrville, Wilson County, San Marcos, Medina County, and Seguin.

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