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Protecting Your Company’s Future with a Strong Employee Handbook

 Posted on May 12, 2023 in Business Law

Bexar County Employment LawyerCreating a detailed employee handbook is one of the best things an employer can do to communicate work expectations, formalize policies and procedures, foster a positive company culture, and reduce the risk of litigation. Unfortunately, many companies neglect this crucial responsibility or rely on an employee handbook that is outdated, vague, or unenforceable.

In this blog, we will discuss some of the most important elements to include in your employee handbook. For personalized advice catered to your company’s specific needs, work with a San Antonio business law attorney familiar with employment concerns.

Anti-Harassment and Anti-Discrimination Policies

Discrimination, sexual harassment, and related issues have never been more pressing than they are now. A lawsuit against your company alleging discrimination or harassment has the potential to completely derail your business’s success, harming your company’s reputation permanently. Your employee handbook must clearly state your company's policy regarding harassment and discrimination, including how an employee should report harassment or discrimination.

Employee Code of Conduct

The code of conduct explains your expectations of employees. You may want to address the use of cell phones or other personal electronics at work, attendance policies, remote work policies, and the dress code.

Disciplinary Procedures, Promotions, and Raises

Your employee handbook should also explain how performance reviews are conducted at your company. Explain how and when an employee may be eligible for a raise or promotion as well as the circumstances in which an employee may face disciplinary measures.

Information About Benefits, Compensation, Overtime, and Paid Time Off

Clearly explain your company’s payroll procedures and pay schedule, policies regarding overtime compensation and paid time off, and what paid holidays your company recognizes.  

The employee handbook should also include information about health care insurance, flexible spending accounts, dental and vision insurance, and other benefits available to employees.

Employment-At-Will Policy

You will also want to include a statement explaining that an employee’s employment is at will. This means that employees are subject to termination at any time for any reason (unless the reason constitutes discrimination). Furthermore, employees have the right to quit at any time and for any reason.

Contact our Bexar County Business Law Attorney

The information above only scratches the surface of what should be included in a comprehensive employee handbook. For personalized legal guidance regarding employee handbooks, company policies, worker classification, business contracts, and much more, contact San Antonio business lawyer Geoffery Ray Mayfield. Call 210-535-0870 for a free initial consultation to get started.



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