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Every business has a variety of legal concerns that its owner or partners will need to address. These issues may be related to the way the business is structured and managed, and by taking the correct steps, business owners can protect themselves from liability and maintain the proper control over a company's operations. A company may also encounter legal issues during the course of doing business, and these may affect its agreements with other people or entities, its ability to complete business deals, or the resolution of disputes or disagreements that may arise. By working with a lawyer who is knowledgeable in the laws that affect a business and the methods that can be used to provide protection and resolve disputes, business owners can make sure they are fully prepared to achieve ongoing success.

At the law firm of Geoff Mayfield, Attorney at Law, we believe in providing dedicated legal help for small businesses and other types of companies. Geoff has advised multiple types of businesses on the best ways to address their legal issues, and he has provided effective representation both inside and outside of the courtroom. With more than 15 years of legal experience in multiple areas that affect business owners and partners, he can ensure that his clients are able to meet their ongoing legal needs and resolve any concerns that may impact their short-term and long-term business strategies.

Assistance With Legal Issues Affecting Small Businesses in Guadalupe County

In many cases, some of the most important decisions related to a business will occur during the business formation process. These issues may be addressed when initially starting a business, or a company may be restructured after it has already begun operations in order to meet the changing needs of the owner, partners, or investors. Geoff works with business owners to determine the most beneficial structure for a company, and he can explain the different types of tax advantages, liability concerns, and operational issues that will affect businesses that are structured as corporations, LLCs, partnerships, or in other ways. He provides legal assistance to ensure that a business's owner or partners meet all requirements for establishing and registering a business, as well as keeping records and addressing reporting responsibilities.

During the process of starting, structuring, and operating a business, Geoff can assist with issues related to business contracts. In addition to drafting legally sound contractual agreements, he can also help a business owner negotiate favorable terms with the other parties to a contract, and he can perform reviews of existing contracts to ensure that they will continue to meet a business's needs. Geoff works with clients to create or update partnership agreements, employment contracts, non-compete or non-disclosure agreements, vendor contracts, and multiple other types of legal agreements.

Business owners may encounter a variety of different types of disputes with other parties. While there are some cases where these issues may be settled through negotiations between the parties or using other means, some disputes may need to be resolved in court through business litigation. Geoff provides business owners with representation during these types of cases, helping them understand their rights and the options that may allow them to reach a workable settlement, while making sure they are prepared to protect the interests of their business in any legal proceedings that may be necessary. He assists with litigation involving partnership disputes, contract disputes, commercial landlord/tenant disputes, and other types of legal cases that affect businesses.

Over the lifetime of a company, owners and partners may need to address and resolve multiple types of ongoing legal issues. For small businesses that may not be able to hire a full-time attorney, Geoff provides limited general counsel services. He can offer ongoing advice on the best ways to handle legal concerns, and by working closely with business owners to understand their needs and goals, he can work to help them develop successful long-term business strategies.

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Regardless of the size of your company and the extent of your legal needs, Attorney Geoff Mayfield can make sure you take the correct steps to protect your business's interests. To arrange a complimentary consultation and get the legal help your business needs, contact Geoff by calling 210-535-0870. Our firm works with businesses in Seguin and throughout all of Guadalupe County.

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