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Hays County Real Estate Lawyer

Hays County commercial real estate transaction lawyer

Hays County Commercial and Residential Real Estate Attorney

Buying, selling, or developing real estate will involve a variety of legal concerns. During a real estate transaction, the parties should be sure they fully understand their rights, as well as their obligations under the terms of a purchase contract. Any title issues that may affect the ability to transfer ownership of a property will need to be addressed and resolved. The parties will also need to understand the laws that may affect an owner's ability to use real estate property. To ensure that these and other matters will be addressed properly, buyers, sellers, and developers will need to secure representation from an experienced real estate lawyer.

Geoff Mayfield, Attorney at Law provides representation in multiple types of real estate matters. He works to ensure that his clients understand the requirements they will need to meet, the laws that apply to them, and the best ways to protect themselves from financial losses. With more than 15 years of legal experience, Geoff can provide guidance to address any and all issues related to residential and commercial real estate that may arise during a transaction or development project. Whether you are a property owner, real estate developer, or residential or commercial landlord, he can offer experienced and dedicated representation to address your legal needs.

Representation in Real Estate Cases in Hays County

In matters involving real estate property, owners, buyers, and developers can take steps to understand the different types of local laws and ordinances and other regulations that will affect them. Geoff works with his clients to address these issues and resolve disputes related to a transaction or the use or development of a property. He assists with:

  • Residential sales - Sellers of residential property must disclose certain types of information to buyers and ensure that all procedures are followed to transfer ownership of a home or other residence. Geoff can perform a title search to identify and address any issues that may play a role in a transaction, and he can help sellers resolve any concerns about inspections or repairs. He helps homeowners complete "for sale by owner" transactions, and he also works with clients to determine whether owner financing will be a beneficial option.
  • Residential landlords - While landlords can generate income by leasing property to tenants, they will need to take steps to protect their interests and address any disputes that may arise. Geoff can help landlords create lease agreements that will meet their needs, and he can also help resolve disputes with tenants or perform evictions when necessary.
  • Commercial transactions - When buying or selling commercial property, the parties involved in a transaction will need to understand their rights, the zoning laws that may affect an owner's ability to use the property for certain purposes, and how leases for existing tenants will be handled. Geoff can help buyers perform due diligence, work with buyers and sellers to negotiate purchase contracts, and assist in the resolution of any disputes that may arise.
  • Real estate development - Multiple parties may be involved in a commercial or residential development project, and they will need to understand the laws and regulations that will impact their ability to execute their plans. Geoff can assist with zoning and land use issues, construction contracts, regulatory compliance, and other matters that real estate developers may need to address.
  • Commercial leasing - Commercial tenants and landlords may encounter multiple types of disputes related to issues such as how property can be used, whether improvements can be made, whether space can be subleased, and who is responsible for performing repairs or paying certain types of expenses. Geoff can help landlords and tenants determine the best ways to resolve these disputes, and if necessary, he can provide representation in cases that require litigation.

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Attorney Geoff Mayfield can assist with multiple types of residential and commercial real estate issues. His extensive experience in these matters ensures that his clients will be able to resolve these matters as quickly and efficiently as possible. Contact our firm by calling 210-535-0870 to arrange a free consultation. Geoff provides representation for clients who need to address real estate issues in San Marcos and other cities in Hays County.

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