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Atascosa County Business Law Attorney

Atascosa County business formation and contracts lawyer

Atascosa County Small Business Lawyer for Litigation, Contracts, and General Counsel

Owning and managing a business can be very rewarding, but it will also require a person to address a wide variety of ongoing concerns. Business owners and partners will often be focused on the day-to-day management of business operations, but they will also need to consider long-term strategies as they determine how they can achieve their business goals. As they address these ongoing concerns, they may encounter multiple types of legal issues. Determining the best way to approach these matters, resolve issues that may affect a business's ability to operate successfully, and put strategies in place for continuing success can be a complex undertaking. To ensure that legal concerns are addressed correctly, business owners can consult with an attorney who is experienced in business law.

Geoff Mayfield, Attorney at Law has been practicing law for over 15 years, and he has a strong knowledge of the laws that impact small businesses and the methods business owners and partners can use to address their legal issues. If you are looking to address specific legal concerns, or if you want to determine how you can create a winning business strategy, he can provide legal guidance on the best steps to take. He will work with you to gain a complete understanding of your business's operations, needs, and goals, and he will help you prepare for ongoing success.

Legal Help With Business Law Matters in Atascosa County

Geoff can provide assistance for small businesses and help address multiple legal concerns, including:

  • Business formation - When owners or partners initially establish a business, they will need to create a formal business entity. Determining the best way to structure a business will ensure that an owner will be protected from being held personally liable for business debts, while also addressing issues such as taxation on earnings and profits and the ability to obtain financing. Geoff works with business owners and partners to establish a business as an LLC, partnership, or corporation and ensure that owners meet their legal requirements for registration, record-keeping, and reporting.
  • Contracts - The agreements made between a business and other parties will affect a company's ongoing operations. By using legally binding contracts, a business can make sure all parties will abide by the terms of agreements, and it can address situations where the terms of a contract are violated. Geoff can work with small businesses to ensure that contracts are properly drafted, negotiate favorable terms, and review existing agreements to help determine whether contracts should be renegotiated. He can assist with partnership agreements, employment contracts, and vendor or supplier contracts.
  • Limited general counsel - While larger companies may have a legal department with one or more attorneys on staff, most small businesses will be unable to hire a full-time attorney. However, they may still need to address a variety of legal concerns, and seeking out legal help for each individual issue may not be financially feasible. To ensure that a business will be able to address these issues efficiently, Geoff can provide ongoing legal services. He will work with owners and partners to identify and resolve ongoing legal concerns while making sure a business has a strategy in place that will allow it to succeed.
  • Business litigation - A business may encounter a variety of legal disputes, including issues related to breach of contract or disputes between business partners. Geoff can provide representation for businesses in these cases, and he will help determine whether disputes can be resolved through the negotiation of a settlement or using methods such as mediation or arbitration. If litigation in court will be necessary, he will advocate on behalf of a business to ensure that its rights and interests will be protected.

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Attorney Geoff Mayfield can help your small business address any legal issues that may affect you, and he will work with you to develop a strategy that will allow you to achieve your goals. Contact us today and set up a complimentary consultation by calling 210-535-0870. Geoff provides legal help to small businesses throughout Atascosa County.

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