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Atascosa County Real Estate Lawyer

Atascosa County commercial real estate development lawyer

Atascosa Commercial Real Estate Attorney for Transactions, Development, and Lease Disputes

Whether a family needs to determine their options when buying or selling a home, or a business owner needs to address issues related to the property they own, it is crucial to secure legal representation from a skilled and experienced attorney. There are multiple laws and regulations that affect purchases and sales of real estate, the ways property can be used, the types of construction that can be performed, and the rights of landlords and tenants. By working with a lawyer who has a strong understanding of these laws and who can help resolve any legal issues or disputes that may arise, a private homeowner, business owner, or real estate developer can ensure that they are taking the best steps to protect their financial interests.

Geoff Mayfield, Attorney at Law offers legal help and guidance in multiple types of cases involving residential and commercial real estate. He works to provide his clients with a strong understanding of the legal concerns that may play a role in a transaction, as well as any laws or regulations that will affect their plans for using their property. With over 15 years of legal experience and a strong knowledge of multiple areas of the law, he takes a thorough and diligent approach toward real estate matters, working to ensure that his clients will be able to achieve their goals.

Assistance for Residential and Commercial Real Estate Owners and Developers

Geoff offers legal representation in multiple types of cases involving residential and commercial property, including:

  • Residential real estate transactions - During the sale of a private residence, multiple types of requirements will apply to a property owner. These cases can be especially complex in "for sale by owner" transactions, as well as situations where an owner will be providing financing to a buyer. Geoff makes sure sellers have followed their requirements under the law, and he helps identify and resolve any concerns that may affect the ability to complete a sale, such as encumbrances on a property's title or disputes with buyers about the correction of issues uncovered during a home inspection. He works to ensure that homeowners will be able to sell and transfer ownership of property successfully.
  • Issues affecting residential landlords - A landlord who rents a home or apartment to residential tenants will need to make sure the terms of their lease agreement will provide them with the necessary protections. They may also need to take legal action against tenants in certain cases. Geoff can help landlords address ongoing legal concerns and take the proper steps during the eviction process.
  • Commercial real estate transactions - Purchases and sales of commercial property can be even more complex than other types of real estate transactions, and the parties will need to understand the laws that may impact a transaction and the ways that property may be used. Geoff can provide representation during a transaction to address issues related to financing, commercial leases, or zoning laws.
  • Disputes involving commercial landlords and tenants - An owner of commercial property or a business that will be leasing space from a commercial landlord will need to understand their rights and obligations under a lease agreement. Geoff can help landlords and tenants determine how to resolve any disagreements they may encounter, including those involving improvements, maintenance, repairs, subleasing, ways property may be used, exclusivity, or responsibility for utilities, property taxes, or other expenses.
  • Real estate development projects - Property owners or others who are involved in the development of real estate will need to address legal issues that may affect their plans. Geoff can help developers perform due diligence, draft and negotiate construction contracts and other agreements, resolve concerns related to zoning and land use laws, and ensure that they are in compliance with all applicable government regulations.

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To get experienced and dedicated legal help with matters related to residential or commercial real estate, property owners and developers can work with Attorney Geoff Mayfield. Contact our firm at 210-535-0870 to arrange a complimentary consultation. Geoff provides assistance with real estate and related legal issues in communities throughout Atascosa County.

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